About Stewart Fulljames

  My Clay work over the past 30 years has involved exploring a range of techniques. My original experience with Clay was in Whitianga on the Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand. I was involved in the production of wood-fired domesticware, using Traditional pottery techniques. In 1985 I completed a Diploma in Ceramics at the Otago Polytechnic ; upon returning to Auckland I produced my first work using  raku firing ,and I have continued to explore The Raku Process for over 25 years.

  My recent Studies have given me the confidence, and time, to explore my original decorative processes into a variety of different clay formats. Increasingly my clay work has been driven by the exploration of the process of making [The Craft]; this appears as an enthralling act of co-ordination. Clay work requires endless circles of process. I still make things in groups [as if there mugs], and crossover different projects at points were they compliment each other. The main side effect of this is the consistent creation of unique objects 

  My work has evolved from woodfired domesticware, Raku, to an exploration of earthenware.  Drawing through white slip into red earthenware, I can create even more complicated “black and white” designs. I am also exploring painterly techniques, on white slipped Earthenware bowls; using coloured stains as paints to create a series of environmentally based Magpie inspired designs. The technique of firing clay has a long history, and provides an essential link to cultural identity.

On this site you can check out the Gallery with the latest Ceramics and Paintings by Stewart Fulljames, find more information on his Raku firing technique or his domesticware, whiteware, painting and multimedia technique. Find an overview on the home page or check out contact details.

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Last updated 13 May 2009