Studio Techniques

Domesticware, Whiteware, Painting and Multimedia

   My first attempts with clay were centred around the production of woodfired domesticware.  I have always enjoyed the production of functional forms, and have produced domesticware in various forms throughout my 30 year career. My recent domesticware is earthenware based and centred on the minimalization of design beyond the impact of throwing. Hand-made vessels that play a role in everyday life provide a great deal of satisfaction, a link to civilisation.  
   My recent studies at Te Wananga O Aotearoa and Otago Polytechnic have given me the opportunity to explore earthenware firing techniques .  Bowls and jars thrown in red earthenware and covered in a white slip are  “carved” through to create the black lines of the design . The design symbols discovered over 30 years in the Raku process are now used densely over these earthenware forms and covered in a transparent glaze.  
Painting and multimedia
   I have recently explored a variety of different  art processes as away of extended my self into as many different creative challenges as possible ,  they all share the unique link of process, tempered by human  Intervention. 


On this site you can check out the Gallery with the latest Ceramics and Paintings by Stewart Fulljames, find more information on the artist or his Raku firing technique.  Find an overview on the home page or check out contact details.

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Last updated 13 May 2009