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Online Gallery for Stewart Fulljames Ceramics and Painting

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Here is a range of ceramics currently available.

1. Rewa Painting, NZ$350

2. Desert Bowl, NZ$15

3. Pingao People, various sizes, NZ$80 to $200

4. Fish, NZ$7

5, Bird Bath, NZ$1,000

6, 7, 8,9, Muglets, NZ$10

10, Spiral Sculpture, NZ$100

11, White Bowl, NZ$400

12, Fish Plaque, NZ$60

13, Noughts and Crosses, set of 9, NZ$180

14, White Jar, NZ$180

15, Raku Tile, NZ$70

16, Raku Tile, NZ$40

17, Raku Bird Tile, NZ$65

18, Raku Tea Party, NZ$65

19, Raku Face Tile, NZ$50

20, Raku Lizard Mouth, NZ$45

21, Copper Head, NZ$250

22, Raku Head, NZ$80

23, White Ornament, NZ$750

24, Small Jar, NZ$180

25, White Post, NZ$1,000


Home page:

1. Painting, NZ$450

2. Raku Sun Tile, NZ$50

3. Pingao People, various sizes, NZ$75 to $150

4. White Ornamental Lamp, POA


Stewart Fulljames is a ceramic artist, who is based at the Rewa Gallery, Manawatu, New Zealand. Following over 30 years experience in creamic arts, exploring Raku, a traditional fast-firing technique producing a black background, contrasted with a colour glaze, Steward has recently studied painting and mixed-media art.


For further information contact Stewart Fulljames, Rewa Gallery.


On this site you can check out the Gallery with the latest Ceramics and Paintings by Stewart Fulljames, find more information on the artist, on his Raku firing technique or his domesticware, whiteware, painting and multimedia technique. Find an overview on the home page or check out contact details.

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Last updated 13 March 2009